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Short and Long Form DRTV with Radio & Print


  • Hair Club, a prominent leader in the hair replacement industry was experiencing severe financial difficulties. 
  • Their problems escalated because the company had stopped advertising, due to a dramatic increase in their average cost per sale.
  • This proved to be critical, since the company’s business model was totally dependent upon generating leads through DR advertising. 
  • Hair Club franchisees, who had experienced improved results with our buyers then referred them to their parent company. 
  • The Client reviewed our team’s results and decided to move their DRTV media buying in 30 spot markets from a large media buying firm in New York to our buyers.


  • Our media buyers put together a team internally that developed a dynamic, original radio campaign and began buying spot market radio in select markets. 
  • Highly targeted, remnant print ads were placed in the business and sports sections of newspapers at both the national and local level.
  • Our buyers then started buying short form television on national cable and long form on both national cable and local broadcast stations.
  • The campaign was so successful that it was rolled out to all corporate and franchise markets. 
  • Hair Club’s cost per sale was dramatically reduced by 75% and most importantly, the company became highly profitable. Our buyers have now handled Hair Club for 15 years.

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