Client : Foodsaver

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  • Jarden Consumer Solutions was looking to increase retail sales of their decade old brand,  FoodSaver.
  • Our media buyers were tasked with increasing retail sales, while maintaining the same television budgets.
  • After analyzing their current television buys, our team was able to demonstrate a pure  rate savings of 10% on identical media placements, compared to their previous agency.


  • By completely restructuring their television buys, our media buyers were able to reduce their Cost per Point by 67%.
  • At the same time, the weekly GRP  delivery increased from 19 per week to 35 per week.
  • As a result of the increased exposure, POS  Revenue increased by 28%, compared to the previous year.


  • Total CPP reduction replicated placement = 20%.
  • Total CPP reduction on restructured placement = 67%.
  • Total GRP Delivery increase on replicated placement = 12%.
  • Total GRP Delivery increase on restructured placement = 85%.

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