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  • The largest independent distributor for DirecTV had been experiencing a leveling off in their acquisition of new subscribers.
  • DirecTV had primarily been utilizing online advertising and print to gain new subscribers.
  • DirecTV approached our team to help them develop a DRTV campaign to take their business to the next level.


  • Our team conducted upfront research that allowed DirecTV to most efficiently target potential new customers.
  • Our media buyer’s research identified national cable networks and syndicated TV programming that indexed the highest against the target audience of satellite TV subscribers.
  • Through testing, analysis and campaign optimization, our buyers were able to exceed DirecTV’s customer acquisition goals.
  • The client’s DRTV campaign became the most profitable among all advertising mediums utilized and syndicated TV proved to be the best performing TV medium.
  • The client’s business grew rapidly and based on their profitability and growth they were able to sell their business for a substantial profit.

Does Your Product Have What It Takes for DRTV Success?