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Thank you for being such an important part of making CAMIE® AWARDS a success. The criteria for films to receive awards were the highest standards for any awards in the motion picture industry. You’ve been a significant influence in what the CAMIES have accomplished, being largely responsible for producing our very best award shows, coaching us novices on how to make things happen, and in presenting awards in person and shipping others these past years. Your efforts have resulted in encouraging film-makers and actors who have created wholesome and uplifting motion pictures as well as helping parents, families, and others know via our website about wholesome, uplifting, and inspiring movies coming on television and the occasional worthwhile show in theaters. You and the CAMIE® AWARDS have made a difference—a significant difference over a period of many years. Thank you. I want you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve done to make these things happen.

Dr. Glen C. Griffin, Founder & Chairman

Just a note to say “thank you” for all you did to help make the 2008 CAMIE AWARDS Show the most successful in their brief history. We know you worked hard and we also hope that you had a good time. We really enjoyed working with you and we just want you to know how much we appreciate you being there for us.

Joseph G. Lake, President & Stefanie Cosman, Vice President

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