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The challenge​

Animal Island Learning Adventure needed to scale while lowering cost per acquisition within Facebook, their highest traffic driver. Previous efforts in this area had focused on boosting organic posts and emphasis on capturing leads to build house email list. There was constant change/turnover on campaigns with smaller budgets, not giving the algorithm a chance to optimize to its fullest ability and maximize investment. In addition, there was no clear funnel strategy in place with overlapping audiences and unproductive optimization objective settings.​

Our approach​

  • Simplified account structure to consolidate audiences and group them into funnel-themed campaigns with best practice settings/objectives for each funnel.​
  • Implemented adequate budget levels for each stage of the funnel to exit learning phase and allow the algorithm to work.
  • Restructured campaign with no more than 5 ads per ad set, various formats, and with minimal disruption planned to avoid resetting the learning phase.​
  • Ensured audiences did not overlap and were assigned to their applicable stage in the funnel.​
  • Gradually tested into Conversion objective Prospecting audiences.​

The results​

Launching fresh with a full-funnel approach, we were able to more than double revenue in the second month with only 10% more spend, resulting in a positive ROI for the first time ever, only to continue to improve upon results in the months to follow. Year-over-year, the channel saw ROI increase 5X by identifying more qualified users that were likely to purchase, proving that this channel could in fact be used as a direct response, revenue driver (vs. simply a lead generation program).​

It’s a pleasure working with Jeffery and his team on Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) infomercial campaign. His intellect and organizational skills helped overcome many challenges. Every marketing campaign is a thrilling journey. For anyone interested in a successful direct TV campaign, I highly recommend Jeffery and his team.​

Helen Thomas​
Chief Executive of Exponential Growth,​
Global Strategist,​
Business Advisor and Board Director​

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