Senior Account Executive

With over 20 years of experience in account management, my focus lies in crafting effective advertising and marketing strategies.

My Playground: Picture this – I’m your maestro, orchestrating advertising and marketing symphonies that dance across direct response TV, digital realms, online content, social media, and earned media. Problem-solving? It’s my jam. Project management? Nailed it. Communication? Smooth as silk. Oh, and did I mention I’m results-driven? Let’s just say, I don’t stop until we’ve hit the sweet spot.

Results with a Dash of Creativity: I live and breathe for those ‘wow’ moments. Whether it’s unraveling a challenge, managing projects seamlessly, or delivering results that pop, I’m your guy. If you’re itching for a creative spark to fuel your marketing journey, let’s chat. I’m here to turn your visions into vibrant success stories. Ready to make some marketing magic? Let’s do this! 🚀

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