Writer / Senior Producer

Catherine has two decades of experience in both television news and advertising, and a proven track record of success. She has worn a lot of different hats over the years, including Producer, Scriptwriter, News Anchor, Investigative Reporter, Health & “Beauty Breakthroughs” Reporter, TV Host, VP of Marketing & PR, and of course in the beginning, Intern.

She has scripted and produced 300+ long and short form DRTV commercials, News-style television “Advertorial” spots, and infomercial campaigns which have translated into huge sales.

Her unique background of scripting, producing, and conducting interviews for advertising and news is one of the reasons for our success. Catherine is a big believer in testimonial-based commercial campaigns, another specialty of TVA. Her commercials and infomercials present viewers with a level authenticity and credibility not seen in a lot of traditional types of advertising.

Some of the recent successful infomercial and DRTV commercial campaigns she has scripted and produced include Rhino Shield (Infomercial & 20+ DRTV commercials), Bathwraps (Infomercial), PosiGen Solar Solutions (Solar Electric & Solar Hot Water Infomercials & 20+ DRTV commercials), and Safe Step Walk-In Tub (Infomercial & 6 DRTV commercials). The Safe Step Walk-In Tub national infomercial and commercial campaign has been one of Safe Step’s most successful television campaigns to date. She just completed a new Safe Step infomercial and commercial campaign starring celebrity spokesperson Pat Boone. Catherine scripted an infomercial and 9 different DRTV commercials for Mr. Boone.

Regardless of the size of the project, Catherine puts 1000% into her work and does whatever it takes to make sure our clients are 1000% satisfied with the final product.

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