Senior Producer

Entering his 20th year with TVA, Aleks with his patience is instrumental in providing potential and new clients the answers and comfort they need to enter into the wonderful world of DRTV. As a Senior Producer he assists the Executive branch in every step of the DRTV experience from pitch meetings to selecting the production team to casting and aiding in the supervision on set for shoot day(s).

Being in the Screen Actors Guild for three decades, Aleks also adds some creative touches on the shoot day(s) and will speak with the talent to offer his deep insight as needed, being on that side of the camera countless times himself.

Prior to TVA, Aleks was in business development in the HealthCare and Legal industries reaching major successes in both fields. He studied Sociology/Philosophy at Carleton University. In his spare time, he enjoys watching his two sons play in their respective teams, being elite soccer players both sophomores in High School and College…He himself being a collegiate soccer player as well. Watching movies, reading, and spending time with his wife are also very important pastimes for Aleks.

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